Kathleen Shellrude is an emerging, self-taught Winnipeg artist. She graduated from the University of Winnipeg in 2005 with a double honours in Gender Studies and Sociology. She then spent years traveling the world, teaching, and working with street involved women.

Following a lengthy hospitalization in 2015, she found art and now uses it to heal, restore, and explore herself and her experiences. Beginning first by filling dozens of art journals, she is currently working out of Art Beat Studio, and has moved on to larger paintings outside her books.

While exploring and learning the world of multimedia art, she’s especially drawn to acrylics, collage, and ink. Her works are both whimsical and abstract.

She is showing her work for the first time as part of ArtFest in April 2017, and will be part of a group show in July b2017 at Art Beat.